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A second chance


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About the campaign

A Norwegian based nonprofit foundation to help homeless kids and families in Cebu, Philippines. We will also work to shut down exploitation by foreign predators.

Philippines is a lovely country. Unfortunately there are a lot of people having little money. In newer times they have achieved wide reaching and reasonable fast internet. This combination has made it possible for predators to come in contact with mothers and fathers of young kids willing to let their kids be used for money.

Here is a little more about it:



For the above issue, we will take messages from concerned citizens and follow them up, create awareness campaigns and work with skilled persons within the field. Founder of EOT International has good knowledge within IT and will find persons to help uncover online activities from predators.

In addition to this problem, Cebu also has homeless kids and homeless families. They live out on the streets, surviving by begging for money. Many of the street kids are also in danger of being exploited in various ways.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

We at EOT International have a plan to help. Now, we are aware about the fact that we are a small organization and we cannot change the whole world.

What we can do, and what we will do is to help people in our chosen destination, which is Cebu, Philippines. We have a small location ready to bring in the first two kids and we will grow from there. As soon as 15.000 Euro of the 40.000 Euro in this first campaign is reached, we will bring in the first child.

Our long term plan is to get a property where we can house approximately 15 kids and 4-5 families at any given time. We will provide doctors, phsycolog, dental care, teacher, food and a place to live. We will start with a smaller place to start our work and expand as we grow and as we have the funds for it. Funds will at first come from donations via social media, but we have long term plans where we will have income from other venues. To get started, we need to raise 40.000 Euro. From there we will go to stage two of the process.

The main person in Philippines to run this is already found. She is a very good person and she is perfect for this job. More info about her will come in an article on our website.

The kids will be prepared to go to school as soon as they are ready. Those kids who recover well will live with us until we find a good home for them. It can be foster care or adoption. We will keep in touch with them, make sure they grow up to have the opportunities they deserve.

We are fully aware that we cannot help all the kids coming to us. Those who have too big emotional scars will be sent to professional institutions, all paid for by EOT International. When they are healed enough, they will come back to us. Maybe they cannot go to foster care and that is ok. We will follow them up and do our best for them so they too can get a decent life.

For the families we help, the adults will learn how to live, how to keep a job, how to care for themselves. In the end they will get a small place to live, a job and we will follow them up until we are sure they can manage by themselves.

We won't change the world, but we will change lives. We also hope we can be an inspiration for other people to start similar projects. Also, we will stop predators, report them to the police so they cannot exploit anyone else.

If you have a look at our website, we are pro green living and education. We strongly believe education is the key to a better future.

Our website will follow our work closely. There will be lots of articles, photos and videos showcasing our work. You can follow us the whole way and really see the changes you are a part of.

We promise we will not quit this work. This is chapter one of a never ending book and no matter how hard it will be, we promise to never give up.

We are aware that we are new and that we need to learn as we go. Therefor we will reach out to organizations already stationed in Cebu and learn from them.

You can join us

Whether you support us with a donation, or if you just want to follow our work, we would appreciate if you signed up on our website. As a member, you get an email whenever we have updates.

As a thank you for your donation

All donations over 100 Euro will receive a T-shirt.. Send us a message via our website where you tell us your size. It will be EU Sizes. The T- shirts will be sent out from approximately 15. October, 2018. For all donations over 1000 Euro we would like to have a talk with you/the company you represent and put up an article.

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A second chance

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