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A Norwegian man and his Philippine wife.

This website originally came to life as a little different project than what it now have ended up being. As so often in life, it takes a turn you really never expect and you have the choice to either roll with it or just give up all together. We decided to roll with it.

I am a man who struggles with a bad back. My one leg is longer than the other, leading to a spine that is not as it is supposed to be, and I have bad knees making it hard some days to move around. I have decided to not let it destroy my life, I just have to realize I will never be able to do things like playing soccer, running or do any rough activities out of my league. Luckily, there is still plenty I can do, at least for limited periods of time before I have to throw in the towel.

I also suffer from anxiety, a lot of inner stress and depressions. This has largely come from bad experiences, tracing back to my childhood.

Over the course of a long life, I have mastered the art of hiding my problems very well, and most people think I am a good functioning human being. Unfortunately, I am not.

There are two things in my life who makes it easier to keep on going, keep fighting trough my bad periods. One of them is my wife, the other is the fact that others suffer more than me out there, and whenever I can make a difference in any of those lives, it gives my life a boost and just feels good. Yes, I know it sounds selfish to help others to make myself feel better, but is it really so selfish if this is what both of us need? If helping that person makes my life a bit easier to bare and at the same time I make a real difference to someones life?

I have been lucky, meeting a girl who really actually likes me for who I am. This Philippine girl is the reason I can get up in the morning and keep going on with life. She is the reason I am not behind closed doors, not showing myself outside.

The girl in question, my wife, Jessa Dahl come from humble life in the mountain of Ginatilan, Cebu. She is everything I am not. Outgoing, curious about everything and anything life can bring. She also have a caring personality.

She is my reason for getting up in the morning and continue not only enduring life, but to learn to embrace it.

In my worst periods, where my depressions get the best of me, she pulls me back to life.

We are both strong believers of paying it forward as a lifestyle.

If anyone out there have problems with depressions and want to reach out, we would be honored to be your friends and support team when needed.

This is our journey through life together.

UPDATE 16. April, 2020:
With two dogs, 5 puppies, Jessa pregnant, the covid situation and my personal issues things are not looking very good.

For me personally, it is a bit much, but I have for some reason always been pretty strong in hard times and the reactions comes back when I have a chance to feel again. Hopefully I can stay focused this time. It is needed for Jessa, for the dogs, for the baby and for her family.

Right now our main focus is to survive while we keep building up this project and our web shops. Hopefully by the end of 2020 we are back on track and have our finances sorted once again.

This is just hard times all over. For me, most of my income came from running websites for small restaurants and hotels privately owned. Those clients have no revenue now and many of them will end up loosing their business, meaning me and Jessa needs alternative income.

We have opened up an international webshop and started working harder on our Norwegian webshop. We will continue filming and build this website but income from this place is far off into the future when we have built up more content and have more visitors.

Right now we must focus on feeding ourself, the dogs and our closest family. We have very hard times ahead, but so do a lot of people out there in these trying times.

Once we are financially stable again we will continue our work in helping others. Also, of course if any donations come in we will put them to good use. All money we spend from any donations will be shared stories with videos.

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