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EOT International
Pay It Forward

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We are a Norwegian nonprofit organization working for street children in Cebu, Philippines and to stop predators world wide. We were founded late 2018, and our work starts up fully in March, 2019.

This website will follow our work closely with photos, videos and articles. You get to follow the story of the ones being helped as it unfolds. Join them and us in our good days and our bad days. We will create an atmosphere where we, the children and you will have a connection. We want you to see what we see, feel what we feel.. We want to do this together with everyone who join our journey.

Together we can and we will help and make a difference.


The founder of EOT International, Aksel Dahl, lives in Harstad, Norway. Aksel owns and operate a couple of small businesses. He runs a 2000 square meter storage building, a webshop and also he performs services within IT. He always planned to do charity work when he were a bit closer to retirement age, but due to unforeseen health issues, he can no longer do much labor anymore. He has gone ahead with his future plan in present time instead. Since he is not capable of running his companies to the full extent any longer, he donates them to EOT International.


The reason the founder has for starting this organization is personal and for now he just wants us all to know that the cause is very important to him, and that it is close to his heart.

For experience, he has been team leader earlier in his life for supporting people with disabilities, he has run several companies and have experience when it come to the business part. What he lacks in experience in this field, he more than makes up with determination and from being a man who always reaches his goals.

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We will keep open accounting. This means we will make past years final papers available for everyone to read on our website. In Norway we have one privately owned foundation who works on checking up on charity organizations, but we really have three problems with this.
1: It is not run by the government.
2: They charge a lot for the service of being certified that would be better spent on our cause. (2000-4000 Euro each year)
3:To be verified by them only means you spend minimum 65% of all income on the cause.

Spending only 65% of income on the cause, leaving 35% for administrative work is just not a decent goal. We fail to see why we should spend good money on proving that we spend so little for the cause.

Therefor we keep open books and put them out after our accountant has delivered a final number and had them approved each year. We promise to never spend less than 80% for the cause as of 2019.

We are registered with organization number and can be checked on brreg.no .. All our papers are good.

More info:

We work to help street children in Cebu to get a better life.

We work to expose predators world wide.

We are pro green living and education. We strongly believe education is the key to a better future.

We do not promote any religious views or political views, The founder will however post articles airing his way of thinking on those subjects.

This website will follow our work closely. There will be lots of articles, photos and videos showcasing our work. You can follow us the whole way and really see the changes you are a part of. 

What will we do:

1: We will help street kids in Cebu with food, water, shower and doctor/dentist.

2: Stop foreign predators online and in RL worldwide. Many men abuse little kids from poor countries via webcam or RL meetings for money to their parents. We have a small team already started the work. We can of course not stop every predator out there, but every single one we stop is several kids saved from future encounters with that man. The full stories will always be available to read on our website. The predators think they can hide and be safe on the dark web. We will show them they cannot and they are not safe..

We promise we will not quit this work. This is chapter one of a never ending book and no matter how hard it will be, we promise to never give up. 

Whether you support us with a donation, or if you just want to follow our work, we would appreciate if you signed up on our website. As a member, you get an email whenever we have updates. We would also greatly appreciate it if you help us by sharing in social media, like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube page.