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Oyo 428 Hilltop hotel

oyo 428 hilltop hotel

A review of Hilltop hotel just outside of Cebu City.


In this video we talk about the Oyo app and how good it is for getting great deals on hotels. Unfortunately, that was only for a short period of time and the prices seen there are no longer very good. The discounts are not real due to the fact they set before price artificially high to make the price seem good.

This was a great app for a while, but no more. Recently we have actually gotten better deals on Oyo hotels on Agoda than Oyo could provide.

This hotel would have been a decent deal for anyone who visit and have their own motorcycle to get around for prices below 800 PHP per day. Anything above that and you have lots of other options in the city itself for the same price.

The thing is, it is so dirty. Even with Philippine standard it is bad.

For those who are used to go to countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and so on, you all know the standard of clean rooms are far from Western European or US standards but in this hotel it is just on another level as seen in our video.

Dice rolling a sad:


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