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Review of GV Tower hotel in Colon, Cebu City

GV Tower hotel in Colon Cebu City

Today we review GV Tower hotel in Colon, Cebu City, Philippines.

This hotel cost around 700-850 PHP for a double room per night with Agoda at the time of the review.

GV tower offers decently clean rooms for a fair price. You will find dust on top of the TV, outlets, pictures and so on but all in all, decently clean rooms for the price compared to many other hotels in the same price range.

No fridge and no water heater. The fridge can be rented as an extra for 250 PHP per day. I would obviously not recommend that.

The internet has never worked properly for neither me or for Jessa in any of our many devices that connect to the internet. At best we have slow internet for a short period of time. This is for all floors and rooms we have been in. The bad news is that even your mobile internet will be slow here if you use a smart card. We do not know with other operators.

TV has local and some international channels. Not a huge selection, but enough to find something you like.

The aircon is pretty quiet and give ample cooling for the room.

The beds are good and will give you a good night's sleep.

The shower has ok water pressure and hot water.

Staff are friendly and easy going.

Room cleaning only when asking for it. Do not get upset if your room was not cleaned if you never asked for it.

They have a restaurant and a small balcony for some fresh air. Also, they allow smoking on designated places in the balcony. The restaurant has always been closed when we have visited because of Covid. They have a parking garage with free parking for car and motorcycle for their guests.

The hotel is located very close to 138 mall and is a good hotel to stay if you are in Colon for a few days to do some shopping in the really cheap stores you can find all over Colon. I recommend this hotel if you have things that is needed to be done in the general area. This is not a vacation spot, but rather a decent room for a few nights while you take care of your business or shopping.

GV Tower hotel in Colon Cebu City. Video 2


The dice says a weak:

dice 4

It would have been a strong 4 if it was not for the problems with internet here. All in all a good place to stay if internet is not that important to you.

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