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EOT International
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A Norwegian based nonprofit foundation to help homeless kids in Cebu, Philippines. We will also work to shut down exploitation by foreign predators.

Cebu is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a true tropical paradise for tourists. It is a diving heaven with a lot of reefs, tropical fishes and of course the great temperatures.

Unfortunately, poverty is a big issue in Cebu, and in the Philippines in general. This again leads to many children living on the street, leaving them vulnerable and at high risk for various forms of abuse.

We realize it will be hard to collect online donations as a newly started organization, and therefor we will from around 20. of October and until around 20. of December have stands different places in Norway. We will also go from house to house in that same time period. If you follow our website and our Facebook page, you can see our progress as it happens. In February our license to operate a shelter in the Philippines will be granted. Until then we keep hitting the streets, giving out food and water, getting to know some of the kids out there, create some trust. We will of course still try to get online donations, we just realize as a new organization with not to show for yet, it will be hard. We do promise this; We are here to stay and we will make a difference. Join us on this journey..

How will we help:

Our long term plan is to get a property where we can house between 15 and 20 kids at any given time. We will provide doctor, psychologist, dental care, teacher, food and a place to live. Getting the permission to run a home like this will take some time, so in the meantime, we will run a shelter where the kids can shower, get checked up by doctors and be fed/given clothes. This will help to build trust between the kids and us.

As soon as our fundraising passes 20.000 Euro we will register our Philippine part of the company so we can legally do work in the Philippines, other than randomly hit the streets and share out food and water. As soon as this is done, we will start the real work. After we reached our first goal of 40.000 Euro, the shelter will be fully operational and we can start working against our long term goal of building our own home for the kids.

The main person in Philippines to run this is already found. She is a very good person and she is perfect for this job.

How we will work:

We will help out kids before they end up in the streets whenever we have a chance of doing this.

Some families just need a little help to keep the family together. In those cases we will evaluate if we can be of assistance.

Families with young kids already living on the streets will be taken care of, given a small apartment and we will try to get them a good life where the kids can go to school and the parents can get work.

Out on the street we will deliver care packages to the children who are in need, containing water, food, clothes and such.

Until all needed permissions is granted to run a home, we will run a shelter who lets the kids get showered, eating a meal and visit the doctor.

Once all needed permissions are granted, the kids coming to us will be prepared for school as soon as they are ready, after all the health issues are taken care of and after they have reached about same academic level as other kids in the same age range. Those kids who recover well will live with us until we find a good home for them. It can be foster care or adoption. We will keep in touch with them, make sure they grow up to have the opportunities they deserve. Not all will find a foster family or be adopted, those kids will of course stay with us as they grow up and we promise to give them every opportunity for a good life.

If we get a natural disaster in Cebu and we can help out by providing food and water, we will of course do this. Not only to children, but to anybody who needs it.

We are fully aware that we cannot help all the kids coming to us. Those who have too big emotional scars will be sent to professional institutions, all paid for by EOT International. When they are healed enough, they will come back to us. Maybe they cannot go to foster care and that is ok. We will follow them up and do our best for them so they too can get a good life.


Unfortunately, poverty and the newer times achievement of wide reaching and reasonable fast internet has made it possible for foreign predators get in touch with mothers and fathers of young kids willing to let their kids be shown on cam for money.

Here is a little more about it:

For this issue, we will:
1: Take messages from concerned citizens and follow them up.
2: Investigate issues about foreigners street children tell us about.
3: Create awareness campaigns on social media and work with skilled persons within the field.
4: Founder of EOT International has good knowledge within IT and will create a small crew working pro bono (no charge) to help uncover online activities from predators. Any person we uncover will be reported to the local police where he lives. We focus mainly on Cebu, but anything we come across will be followed up professionally.

We will of course also stop any predators we might come across in Cebu and report him to the local police here.

Whenever we stop a predator, you can read about it on our website.

The kids involved will be rescued as long as we find out what is going on. For each case we become involved in we will do everything in our power to shut it down and make sure the kid is safe.

To sum it all up:

We won't change the world, but we will change lives.

We are pro green living and education. We strongly believe education is the key to a better future.

We do not promote any religious views or political views, The founder will however post articles airing his way of thinking on those subjects.

This website will follow our work closely. There will be lots of articles, photos and videos showcasing our work. You can follow us the whole way and really see the changes you are a part of. Each child we rescue will get their own page and donation campaigns. You will be able to follow them closely from they arrive and until they leave us for a foster family, for adoption, or if they stayed with us the whole time, until they are graduated and have found the work and apartment they want.

We promise we will not quit this work. This is chapter one of a never ending book and no matter how hard it will be, we promise to never give up.

You can join us

Whether you support us with a donation, or if you just want to follow our work, we would appreciate if you signed up on our website. As a member, you get an email whenever we have updates. We would also greatly appreciate it if you help us by sharing in social media, like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube page.

As a thank you for your donation

All donations over 100 Euro will receive a T-shirt with the logo below.


Send us a message in the comment box when you make a donation where you tell us your size(Xtra small-2XL). It will be EU Sizes. The T- shirts will be sent out from approximately 15. October, 2018. If you do not tell us your size, we send out a random sized t-shirt for you.

For all donations over 500 Euro we would like to have a talk with you/the company you represent and put up an article in our major donations section.

We accept donations via PayPal. You can use your Visa and Mastercard with PayPal if you do not already have it.

If you are from Norway, you can also choose to donate to us with Vipps.