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EOT International
Pay It Forward

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Want to help us out with food, clothes and medical help for underpriveleged children in Cebu, Philippines?

Want to help us stop online predators?

Want to help us out with a donation so we can concentrate on running this website?

If yes to any of those choices above - we thank you..

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Stop predators - keep our children safe..

Help us to stop predators abusing young kids around the world. We find and stop the men looking for live webcam shows and real life meetings with young girls and boys. We work both on the internet and on darkweb.

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Help us to change kids lives in Cebu, Philippines

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In Cebu, Philippines you will find the most beautiful beaches, amazing reefs and a lovely, tropical climate. Unfortunately, Cebu is plagued with poverty. This leads to children living on the streets, struggling to get by. Recently achieved fast internet combined with poverty has also created a market for foreign predators. You can help us to help those in need.


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