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Stop predators - keep our children safe..

Help us to stop predators abusing young kids around the world. We find and stop the men looking for live webcam shows and real life meetings with young girls and boys. We work both on the internet and on darkweb.

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Stop predators


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About the campaign

This work starts up in April, 2019.

We already have a few people we are ready to confront as soon as we have the funds for the travels. Hopefully we will get enough donations during March, 2019 to be able to start meeting those online predators, film them and have them arrested. Each time we catch a predator the whole story will come on our website.


Unfortunately, poverty and fast internet has made it possible for foreign predators from industrial countries to get in touch with mothers and fathers of young kids from third world countries willing to let them be shown on cam for money, or let the men meet them in real life.

We will:
1: We have a small crew with very good IT knowledge. We stop them both on the internet and dark web. We will arrange meetings with them and instead of a child they will meet someone from the team with a camera. They will be confronted and reported to the local police with all our evidence. We will post what happened and put up the video, but we blur the predators face and change his voice. This is for legal issues and so the predators family and kids don't get in trouble from his wrong doings. This work is world wide.

2: Investigate issues about foreigners street children around the world tell us about.

3: Take messages from concerned citizens and follow them up. People can send us mail anonymously with all needed information.

4: Create awareness campaigns on social media in relevant countries/cities with contact information for anyone who has something to report to us.

As soon as we have enough funds for it, we will confront the first predator. Whenever we stop a predator, you can read about it on our website. We have already started the online work and we have a few people we would like to follow up and take down. Hopefully, with your help, soon we can..

For each case we become involved in we will do everything in our power to shut it down and make sure the kid is safe.

Whenever we expose a man, we will travel to him, interview him on camera and then we will give all evidence to the local police. The video will be put up on our Facebook page and our website together with the full story. We will create an awareness campaign in the city the predator lives and in the city where the predator thought the child lived. What we will achieve by this is first of all, that predator will probably never buy an online show ever again, he will never try to meet a child from a poor country and with the social media campaign we will have other possible future molester think again before they decide to do something stupid.

Whether you support us with a donation, or if you just want to follow our work, we would appreciate if you signed up on our website. As a member, you get an email whenever we have updates. We would also greatly appreciate it if you help us by sharing in social media, like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube page.

We won't change the world, but we will change lives.

We accept donations via PayPal. You can use your Visa and Mastercard with PayPal if you do not already have it.

If you are from Norway, you can also choose to donate to us with Vipps. When you use Vipps, let us know if you want the money to go to street kids in Cebu or to stop predators. To find us in VIPPS, hit the:"kjøp og betal"button, write our company number and you will see EOT International pop up.


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Stop predators

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