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Hello and welcome 😁

Everything here is free. Dating profiles, live cam chat, unlimited messages, forum, video reviews and so much more with no charge at all.

Since you have arrived here, in exactly this page of our website, I assume you are a foreigner who actively seek a Philippine girl for meeting/serious relationship/marriage.

This is an online community for foreigners who seek Philippine girl for dating and fun or for serious relationship. Since we are a community and not just a dating site, we also have forums, video reviews and a whole lot of videos of our life together here in the Philippines as a mixed couple with a baby boy.

We are a Norwegian/Philippine couple living here in Cebu, Philippines. We have over 1.5 million combined followers on TikTok, Reels and YouTube and most of those are Philippine girls 18 to 35.

With so many female and local fans, we are in a unique position to help you out with finding the girl of your dreams. You will find that the girls here are way more serious than what you find on regular dating sites.

We will of course personally assist you if asked.

There are already well over 6000 girls waiting to find their foreign man and we only have very few foreigners so right now it is a great time to join.

We opened our website for registration 6.June.2022.

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1: To any male members here who found a Philippine girl they fell in love with and feel they have a connection with, we help with advice and tips for your first trip to meet your chosen one.

2: If you met your girl via our website and you decided to get married, we help guide you through the daunting tasks of paperworks and marriage preparations.

If you choose to get us very involved, all we need is any expenses we have on your behalf paid by you. Our time, advice and help is 100% free of charge as long as we can document the whole journey of your marriage in our channels.


1: Not really finding the perfect girl for you online? Not to worry, we can help locate her for you. All we need is your description of what you seek in your future life partner and we will find her. Just send us a mail via "contact us" form and we figure it out from there.

2: Found your girl online but a little bit unsure if she is really serious about you and faithful? Worried she might have conversations with other men at the same time as you are planning on meeting her? We can help you find out if your girl is a good one or a gold digger. Mail us via "contact us" form and we take it from there.

We will agree on reasonable prices that both you and we can be happy with. No set amount, we talk it over for each case.

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