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Help us to rebuild this family`s home.


In the mountains of Ginatilan, Cebu this family lost their home to a big fire.

This is part of the Baluntang family that we follow in their everyday life, Jessas sister Junaliza, her husband and their five children. For now they live with Junalizas grandma.

We will follow the build of a new house. If we can raise 500 Euro, this will help them with finishing their home.

We will follow the building of their new home as the money come in (if any). If me and Jessa was in a better financial situation, we would have paid for this of our own pocket, unfortunately we do not have enough money to do this. I have an illness I must fight and therefor only live on a small budget as of now since not able to perform my previous work and probably never again will be able to do. This illness is why this website came to life as I need something meaningful to fill my days with.

Anyone who gives a donation, no mater how big or small will have the opportunity to have their photo taken in a collage with photos of all the people who made this new home a possibility and it will hang on the wall in the living room to remind us all about the good people standing together with them in this difficult time.

If we can help raise 500 euro (aproximately 5000 nok), it would help a lot. The whole house will cost around 1500 euro to build. They have kids to feed and the only income is from farming. In the fire they lost all belongings, 60.000 PHP (over 1000 Euro) in cash and their newly built home. By raising 500 Euro it would help this family so much.

If successful, we will document the rest of the build. Please help us by sharing, donating or both of the above.

If you want to help out, on computer, check out or donation box to your bottom right on your screen. If you are on phone, the donation box is in the bottom of this page. It will also help if you share this article in social media.

Total amount donated is shared every week.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we have not had any donations to help so far. We understand a new website do not have enough traffic to reach out wide enough, but it will not stop us from keep trying and hoping. We will keep working on our website and hope. For now the house is still same state as when we put this up due to lack of money. It is now 29. March, 2020 and we will make another update in a weeks time from now.

  Team EOT


Help them to rebuild their home. We update amount every week. Fundraising Started 12.Feb.2020. Help us by donating and/or sharing this article on social media.