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In a fight between two people there are two sides, not only one
In a fight between two people there are two sides not only one

This is me explaining some facts from the big fight I had with my wife, Jessa Dahl.

In the comments on YouTube under this video a lot of her fans go ballistic and behave like animals. A few are waiting for the clearer picture and get it in this video and it will be even more clear in my videos to come where I will no longer hide certain things. From now on my videos will be more unfiltered and I will speak my mind more often instead of hiding and leaving it out. This is the type of material who separates the sheep from the leaders. Sadly, mostly sheep. Pretty sure quite a few people will be offended now, but sometimes the truth hurts.

It will only become clearer as time go on, how wrong you are if you think I am to blame for this fight.
Also, if you think I do nothing at home, you are very misinformed. I wash all my own clothes and offer to wash Jessas but she prefers to wash them herself. I make dinner. When I cook, the kitchen is cleaned and the dishes done before we eat. Only plates to clean after dinner. Also, no mess or dirt left by me. I clean after myself and put all things used back where I found it after use. If she did the same it would never be any issue as the house would always be decent and also very easy to dust and wash as needed.
In a fight between two people there are two sides not only one. Video

Aksel Dahl