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Aksel`s pork cheeseburger with bacon and homemade fries

Aksels cheeseburger with bacon and homemade fries


Jessa really wanted a burger, so being a good husband I bought all ingredients needed when I was in Oslob and made her my signature pork cheeseburger with bacon and homemade fries.

As you can see in this video, I do make a few mistakes. This is because the last three weeks or so I have been working non stop from waking up and until going to bed 7 days a week to finish a few projects. Still, my wife wants a burger, I give her.

Some of you may look at this video and think the fries are burnt in the end there but they are actually just perfect. If you make your own fries, try letting them fry until start getting dark. The crispness and the flavor are incredible when you do this. Especially if you put in sea salt and ground pepper also. Be careful though. Less than one minute more and they are all burnt.

We got some visit when I started cooking so we made enough for all of us and had a great burger dinner.

I also made two dressings that combine perfectly with a pork cheeseburger.

As always, if you want to replicate my food, watch the video and follow my steps.

Aksels pork cheeseburger with bacon and homemade fries. Video

Aksel Dahl

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