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EOT International
Pay It Forward

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In Cebu, Philippines there are street children struggling just to survive. Unfortunately, many kids also experience abuse from foreign predators.

We at EOT International will do our part to give those kids a second chance. We are Norwegian based. All our work is in Cebu, Philippines.



Mango Square Cebu

 Mango Square

Mango Square Cebu area has been mapped out. We now have an understanding of how things work in this area.

Hitting the streets

denicel food

Denicel preparing food and water before her and Jessa goes out to deliver food and water to underprivileged and homeless children.

Handing out food and water

giving out food

While the volunteers were out doing some errands, they encountered a few kids, so they stopped what they were doing for a while and bought some food and water for them.

The reason help is needed

girls normal life2

In Cebu, Philippines you will find the most beautiful beaches, amazing reefs and a lovely, tropical climate. Unfortunately, Cebu is plagued with poverty. This leads to children living on the streets, struggling to get by. Recently achieved fast internet combined with poverty has also created a market for foreign predators. You can help us to help those in need.