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Mango Square Cebu

Mango Square

Mango Square Cebu area has been mapped out. We now have an understanding of how things work in this area.

Over the course of the last month we have spent time in Mango Square, both daytime and night time. What we have found out is the following: On the tourist area with all the bars for foreigners, stretching from Planet X/Allstars sports bar and all the way up to Robinson Fuente mall, the people begging seem to not be as much in need as foreigners might think.

The kids have always clean clothes, clean feets, they have bikes. It seems like it is a group of people, maybe an extended family of some sort who control that area, not letting those who really need the help stay there. We also know that many of them in fact have a place to stay.

The real street kids you can meet if you go towards McDonalds from The Robinson Fuente Mall, or in other streets a little off the main tourist areas. There you see the ones who really need help. If you have a closer look between those who are on the main place to meet foreigners and those who are other places, it is a very obvious difference.

mckidsThree girls sitting outside McDonalds, eating some food Jessa gave them.

The kids and adults in main street are also more aggressive, not only towards the begging but also towards each other. We have personally watched fights breaking out between them, but they seem to be friends shortly after.

Now that we have mapped out the most important information about this area of the City, we will go to map out another area. This work is done so we can know the right places to meet the ones who need our help when we start up in April, 2019.

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