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Handing out food and water

giving out food

While the volunteers were out doing some errands, they encountered a few kids, so they stopped what they were doing for a while and bought some food and water for them.

We do not give out money to the kids. It is illegal to give out money to people begging in the Philippines and also not all street kids are by themselves. There are kids who have joined gangs of organized beggars and some of the kids are sent out by their parents to beg. We will never hand out money. What we will hand out are food, water and clothes.

give out food

In Mango Square, Cebu and several other parts of the town you will meet young kids selling hand towels. Theese will usually be from the Badjao tribe. Driven to near extinction due to the exploitation by the neighboring dominant tribes like the Tausog, the Yakans and even the Christians, disease, starvation and apparent inability to cope with the social changes, they are sometimes also refered to as a vanishing tribe. At present estimates place their number to about a 40,000 in the Philippines.

giving out food 2


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