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About our time spent in Cebu City from Jessa was about 7 months pregnant and until a few months after Liam was born. This was during covid and we lived under strict quarantine and regulations.

We answer your questions


We answer your questions.

Update to bad landlord, worse caretaker story

Update to bad landlord worse caretaker story

An update to what happened about the bad landlord story.

Covid situation in the City

Covid situation in the city

So, how is the covid situation in Cebu City now?

Bad landlord, worse caretaker:

bad landlord worse houskeeper

Sometimes renting in Philippines sucks. This is one of those times.

Norwegian food challenge for jessas sister and brother

Norwegian food challenge for jessas sister and brother

What happens when you try to serve Norwegian food in Philippines?

Jessas youngest sister in mall for the first time

jessas youngest sister first time in the mall

Jessa`s youngest sister in the mall for the first time. This is a late upload and before covid and the time we lived in Ginatilan mountain.

A day with Jessa`s sister and her 7 month old son

jessas sister and her 7 month yo son visitting

Jessa`s sister Dayan and her 7 month old boy visitting. Just a normal day in our life.

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