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About our time spent in Cebu City from Jessa was about 7 months pregnant and until a few months after Liam was born. This was during covid and we lived under strict quarantine and regulations.

Aksel cutting Jessa`s nails

aksel cutting jessas nails

Jessa cannot reach her toes anymore due to the pregnancy. Aksel steps in as the hero he always is.

Aksel making some type of woked food

aksel make some kind of woked food

Woked food of some sort.

Is it a boy or a girl?

is it a boy or a girl

We finally reveal if we have a baby girl or a baby boy.

A trip to SM mall

A trip to sm mall

Just going to do some shopping in SM mall.

Our life in Cebu City: The condo

our condo

follow our life in Cebu City. Here is our small condo.

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