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Sirao flower garden

sirao flower garden

We visit Sirao flower garden. Follow us inside.


The Sirao flower garden is about 40-60 minutes drive from Cebu City depending on from where you start.

Outside the garden you have some vendors selling food, fried banana and fruits.

The ticket is 100 PHP each. Google the exchange rate for your currency.

Inside, at the very top of the garden there is a swimming pool but that was closed when we were there.

You can rent these small huts for 100 PHP per hour if you want to bring maybe some food and soft drinks to make a full day of it.

It is a small park only, but they do have some beautiful places on the site. As you can see in the video it has different figures, three houses and some great places for photo shoots.

Aksel finds the park a bit boring but he does enjoy the beautiful scenery. Jessa liked the park very much.

We roll the dice:


Team EOT