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Sending money to a Philippine girl

Have you found a Philippine girl and decided you want to help her financially by sending her money until you can be with her? Before you send any money to the girl you just met, take your time to read this and make sure the girl is just as good as you believe her to be.

We have very good first hand knowledge about the scene when it comes to transfer money to your Philippine girl and we strongly suggest you contact us before sending any money to make sure this is one of the good girls.

It has actually been so many girls who receive money from foreigners and just blocked them right after that Western Union now do not pay out to Philippine girls easily any longer. They require proof that you have met and if you cannot provide that, it can be hard to get the money to your chosen girl.

Do not despair, there are still plenty of good girls here. Most Philippine girls are good, but as in any country, the few bad ones give the rest a bad reputation. I can help you make sure that your girl is serious and real in her intentions.

Our fee for helping to make sure you send money to a good girl is fair and makes sure you do not waste your hard earned cash on the wrong girl.

Send us a message in the "contact us" form found in our main menu with some information about the situation and I will write you right back.

Sending money to a Philippine girl

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