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Do you run a restaurant, a bar or maybe a hotel in the Philippines and would like a website? We can provide a tailor suited website for your business. We learn you how to operate it. As a bonus for letting us create your website, we give you a free ad on our website for one year and we put you on both of our YouTube channels and on Jessa`s TikTok.

If you operate a business outside of the Philippines, we can still create a website for you but no free advertising is included in the price.

Advertising option 1:
Do you want us to write about your business, give you a sponsored review? It will be put on the review site as any other review together with a YouTube video. We will also post it on TikTok. Instead of rolling the dice as a normal review, we let viewers know it is a sponsored review. 

Advertising option 2:
We offer to advertise your Philippine business on our website, in our two YouTube channels and on Jessa`s TikTok. Let us know what you have in mind and we will give you an offer.

Is she faithful?
Already have a Philippine girl but worry she may not be faithful or maybe getting second thoughts because she started asking for more and more money for various reasons? We know all the scams there is out there and we can help you find out if she is the good girls she claim to be or if she in reality is a gold digger.

Did you already find love in the Philippines?
Did you already find love in the Philippines? Want to marry her and bring her to your country but found out it is not so easy? We can help you with the whole process. Send us a message and we will have a talk with you.

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