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Better than Crest 3D white..
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We spent 3 months in Siquijor, giving us time to really get to know the place. We were only supposed to go for a 3 day trip, but then covid..

Jessas HUGE secret revealed.

jessas huge secret

Jessa revealing her secret. March 15, 2020.

Paliton beach, Siquijor.

Paliton beach review

Paliton beach in the small Siquijor Island. A paradise just outside of Cebu.

Siquijor butterfly sanctuary

Siquijor butterfly sanctuary

A visit to the butterfly sanctuary in siquijor Island, a small paradise outside of Cebu Island.

Travelling to Siquijor Island

travelling to siquijor march 14

Aksel and Jessa going to Siquijor. This is the travel to get there. March 14, 2020.

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