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Dark Web

Dark web, the criminal underground of the internet. Predators with some computer knowledge tend to use the deep web to get photos, videos, participate in chat and forums, and also to arrange camshows and meetings. Our work to stop this has started.

dep web

Dark web, the gateway to anarchy and chaos. Many years deep web was a playground for criminals and predators. Fortunately, today it is not a free heaven anymore. Recent years different investigation agencies have had big operations and a lot of forums, shops and networks have been taken down. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of them left.

Predators with a bit computer knowledge use darkweb to buy online camshows and even meetings. This is users from industrialized countries willing to pay and travel to third world countries where parents are broke and willing to let the predators have their way.

We have a small crew dedicated to stopping predators hiding on dark web. Whenever we expose a man on the dark web, we will travel to him, interview him on camera and then we will give all evidence to the local police. The video will be put up on our Facebook page and our website together with the full story. We will create an awareness campaign in the city the predator lives and in the city where the predator thought the child lived. What we will achieve by this is first of all, that predator will probably never buy an online show ever again, he will never try to meet a child from a poor country and with the social media campaign we will have other possible future molester think again before they decide to do something stupid.

Our work is preventive. If we over a few years stop only 10 predators, share the stories in social media, write articles about it on our website, how many children have we saved for the future?

We fully understand that we cannot stop this problem by ourself, but we can save some kids. If you ask me, even one child saved from a predator is worth it all..

Before April, 2019 we will also have a small crew on the surface web. Here we will work very differently. Information about this can be read when we have our small operation up and running there.

Explanation about different types of web:

1. Surface Web/Clear web:

The websites, web pages and information that you find using a web search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on.. Normal users are restricted to use only the surface part of the web. The surface web is only 4% of the whole internet.

2. Deep Web:

The content that you cannot find using the search engine is termed as deep web.

There are places in the web that cannot be accessed by search engines, but can be accessed if you have an address.

96% of the whole internet are Deep Web.

3. Dark Web:

Cannot be accessed with normal web browsers and is not a part of the surface web. This is a hidden web who only works with dedicated software. Dark Web is mostly used for illegal activities. Drugs trading, Arms trading, and things that one cannot even imagine are available over there. Unfortunately, it is also a place for predators. Dark Web was invented for the purpose of US NAVY but now it's used as the black market on the Internet.

Written by: Aksel Dahl  ..  Date: 19.01.2019


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