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Camping hammock
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Finally home, puppies, mountain office and chicken dinner

Finally home puppies mountain office and chicken dinner

Finally back after being covid stranded for 3 months. Check out our mountain office, join in on a freshly killed chicken dinner and slightly anoying but cute puppies. We are home.

Fernando, kayaking and covid

ginatilan story ep 42

We are still stranded, we tried to help a man who lost life balance and some general chit chat.

Still stranded in Siquijor

Still stranded in Siquijor

A walk and talk about covid-19, pregnancy and poisonous snake.

Covid-10 stranded in Siquijor

covid stranded in siquijor

What was supposed to be a 3 day long trip seem to be a month long. Maybe longer.

Driving to the top of Siquijor

driving to top of siquijor

Ran out of battery 1 km from the destination. 24. March, 2020.

Driving around Siquijor Island

Drive around Siquijor

A roundtrip drive on motorcycle on Siquijor Island outside of Cebu. Total distance about 72 km. 23. March, 2020.

Jessas HUGE secret revealed.

jessas huge secret

Jessa revealing her secret. March 15, 2020.

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