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Jessas HUGE secret revealed.

jessas huge secret

Jessa revealing her secret. March 15, 2020.

Travelling to Siquijor Island

travelling to siquijor march 14

Aksel and Jessa going to Siquijor. This is the travel to get there. March 14, 2020.

Hungry puppies

hungry puppies

Our five little, hungry puppies. 12. March, 2020.

Flat tire

flat tire march11

We got a flat tire. 11. March, 2020.

Fiesta in town

fiesta in town march 10

Fiesta in Ginatilan town. 10. March, 2020.

Just a normal day

just a normal day march 9

Everyday life in Ginatilan mountain. March 9, 2020.

Aksels birthday

birthday 8.march

Aksels birthday in Ginatilan mountain. 8. March, 2020.