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We give Jessa`s mom and dad a new home in Ginatilan mountain

We give Jessas mom and dad a new home in Ginatilan mountain

Jessa`s parents and three of their kids are now living in a very small cabin up here in Ginatilan mountain. We were always going to build them a new home but due to covid and our huge financial loss, we just have not been able to do so as of yet.

We still cannot afford it, but we have decided that we can no longer wait to build them a new home. Their main house is abandoned because of too dangerous to live in and the small cabin they live in now just is not good enough for living for a family of five plus visitors.

We are still working on our home here in the mountain but we have decided that 1. October, 2021 we will put in the first money and get the project going. We hope to have a new home ready for them before Christmas.

So, with no money for that project as of now, you may ask how are we supposed to finance building a new home in such a short time? Well, just by following the good old recipe for success. Spend less and work harder. This means I will amp up my hours of work again and Jessa will increase the frequency of videos uploaded. At the same time we will keep on living cheap as we have done since covid started.

I just cannot stand by and do nothing about the situation. If we do not help them, nobody will. They do not have the finances to do this themselves right now. Hard to be a farmer in covid times. We cannot afford it, but we will make it. After all, family is everything and I will do all in my power to make their life better.

We give Jessas mom and dad a new home in Ginatilan mountain. Video 2

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