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Build a website or a webshop

Do you want your own website or your own webshop? I can deliver anything from a small business informational website to a webshop or even a news portal, dating site, forum and more.

I, Aksel Dahl has over 20 years experience building websites. I run two webshops myself. I also built this website you are now on by myself.

I am a Norwegian man now living in Philippines. On bigger projects I hire in extra help from the best IT tech students doing this on their spare time for some extra money while studying. This keeps costs down and also keep them with some extra money. I, myself also do the work for low rates as I now live a simple life in a low cost country.

If you are opening a webshop there are many finished scripts out there that seems cheap at first sight but beware. Extra features you will need are going to cost you a lot. After just 2 years of running, our price will be lower than with all the hidden charges for those services.

We can offer the best prices and a great product.

Send a message via "contact us" link in the main menu with information about what type of website you need and we send you an offer in return.

All offers include training so you can run the website yourself. We will be available to keep the website up to date if wanted. We also help you find great hosting for fair prices.

Build a webside or a webshop

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