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The abuse of children in Cebu, Philippines

6 victims saved from online sexual exploitation

Cebu is known to be a hotspot for online and real life abuse of children. People from all over the world order online webcam shows with young children from Cebu, Philippines.


We at EOT International has two primary goals.

1: Help underprivileged and homeless kids.

2: Help kids being abused by foreigners on webcam and in real life.

The reason Cebu has become a hotspot for this is the fact that they have quite recently developed high speed internet. This, together with a population who largely live in poverty and the fact that predators around the world tune in on areas like this.. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

mothers peddling children for online porn arrested in Cebu Davao

Parents who live in bad economic situations sell their children for both online meetings and real life meetings. The customers are men from all over the world.

The fact that this is happening is uncomfortable to think about, yet most people don`t do anything about it. We read about it in the news from our respective countries, we know it is a big problem and we know people from our country are a part of this problem.. Still, we do nothing about it.

We need to wake up. This is innocent children that have no chance of defending themselves. We, the people from those countries who have men hurting those girls and boys must do our part to stop this. We cannot be bystanders no more, we must do something about it.

What will we do about this?

1: Take messages from concerned citizens and follow them up.
2: Investigate issues about foreigners street children tell us about.
3: Create awareness campaigns on social media and work with skilled persons within the field.
4: Founder of EOT International has good knowledge within IT and will create a small crew working pro bono (no charge) to help uncover online activities from predators. Any person we uncover will be reported to the local police where he lives. We focus mainly on Cebu, but anything we come across will be followed up professionally.

We will of course also stop any predators we might come across in Cebu and report him to the local police here.

Whenever we stop a predator, you can read about it on our website.

The kids involved will be rescued as long as we find out what is going on. For each case we become involved in we will do everything in our power to shut it down and make sure the kid is safe.

Our online team will be assembled within February, 2019. With that team's technological knowledge, predators will be taken down and the police will take over when we have uncovered them.

Help us to stop people like this

Sexual predator who tortured girls on cam arrested in Cebu

Written by: Aksel Dahl
Date: 26.Sept.2018


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