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We went online in the end of 2018.

Join our journey. In 2019 a lot of good things will happen here.

A second chance


12 % Funded

€ 4,715.00
€ 40,000.00

About the campaign

Cebu is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, a true tropical paradise for tourists. It is a diving heaven with a lot of reefs, tropical fishes and of course the great temperatures.

Unfortunately, poverty is a big issue in Cebu, and in the Philippines in general. This again leads to many children living on the street, leaving them vulnerable and at high risk for various forms of abuse.

How will we help:

We will give out water, food, new clothes and shoes on weekly basis as of march, 2019. As soon as enough funds is raised after this we will be out there two days a week and two times each month we will bring with doctor and sick kids will be treated.

How we will work in addition to being on the streets:

We will help out kids before they end up in the streets whenever we have a chance of doing this.

Some families just need a little help to keep the family together. Often a child is put on street to beg or collect garbage for sorting instead of going to school. Via sponsor a child project we will make sure those kids can go to school instead.

Families with young kids already living on the streets will be taken care of, given a small apartment and we will try to get them a good life where the kids can go to school and the parents can get work. This will be via sponsor a family project.

Sponsor a child and sponsor a family project will be launched as soon as our first fundraising campaign have reached its goal.

To sum it all up:

We won't change the world, but we will change lives.

This website will follow our work closely. There will be lots of articles, photos and videos showcasing our work. You can follow us the whole way and really see the changes you are a part of.

We promise we will not quit this work. This is chapter one of a never ending book and no matter how hard it will be, we promise to never give up.

You can join us

Whether you support us with a donation, or if you just want to follow our work, we would appreciate if you signed up on our website. As a member, you get an email whenever we have updates. We would also greatly appreciate it if you help us by sharing in social media, like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube page.

As a thank you for your donation

All donations over 100 Euro will receive a T-shirt with the logo below.


Send us a message in the comment box when you make a donation where you tell us your size(Xtra small-2XL). It will be EU Sizes. If you do not tell us your size, we send out a random sized t-shirt for you.

For all donations over 500 Euro we would like to have a talk with you/the company you represent and put up an article in our major donations section.

We accept donations via PayPal. You can use your Visa and Mastercard with PayPal if you do not already have it.

If you are from Norway, you can also choose to donate to us with Vipps. When you use Vipps, let us know if you want the money to go to help street kids in Cebu or to stop predators..


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A second chance

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